Topic Name Description
File exam questions
File Credit conditions - winter 2020/21
File Credit conditions - winter 2020/21
File Student presentation topics - winter semester overwiev
Membrane physiology lectures URL Membrane transport (Prof. Jiruška)
URL Electrical properties of the cell (Dr. Vajnerová)
File Electrical properties of the cell (Dr. Vajnerová)
URL Muscles - mechanisms of the contraction in various muscle types (Prof. Jiruška)
Heart and Circulation URL Heart - excitation, conduction, contraction (Dr. Chovanec)
File Heart - excitation, conduction, contraction (Dr. Chovanec)
URL ECG (Prof. Jiruška)
URL Heart - mechanical properties (Dr. Chovanec)
File Heart - mechanical properties (Dr. Chovanec)
URL Peripheral circulation (Dr. Chovanec)
URL Heart - clinical aspects (Dr. Chovanec)
File Heamodynamics (Dr. Chovanec)
File Peripheral cicrulation I (Prof. Hampl)
File Peripheral circulation II (Prof. Hampl)
File Heart – clinical aspects (Prof. Ošťádal)
Blood URL Blood (Dr. Žaloudíková)
URL Blood - gas transport (Prof. Hampl)
File Blood (Dr. Žaloudíková)
File Blood - gas transport (Prof. Vízek)
Respiration URL Respiration - mechanics (Prof. Jiruška)
URL Respiration - ventilation (Prof. Hampl)
URL Lung circulation, V/Q (Prof. Hampl)
URL Regulation of breathing (Prof. Hampl)
URL Physiology in extreme conditions (Prof. Hampl)
File Control of respiration (Prof. Vízek)
Renal physiology URL Renal system I (Prof. Jiruška)
URL Renal system II (Prof. Jiruška)
URL Concentration of concentrated urine (Prof. Jiruška)
File Kidney (Prof. Červenka)
Endocrinology lectures File Endocrinology, basic regulatory mechanisms (Prof. Hampl)
File Circadian rhythms (Prof, Illnerová)
Gastrointestinal Tract lectures File Motility of the gastrointestinal tract (Prof. Hampl)
File GIT-secretion, regulation (Dr. Hodyc)
Gastrointestinal Tract - student presentations Folder Group 1+2
Neurophysiology lectures File Cerebral blood flow (Doc. Otáhal)
File Memory (Prof. Jiruška)
File EEG, sleep (Prof. Jiruška)
File Motor Control 2020 (Dr. Nerad)
File General Neurophysiology (Dr. Nerad)
File Neurotransmitters and Physiology of Synapses (Prof. Vyklický)
File Function of the Spinal Cord, Reflexes (Dr. Valoušková)
File EEG, evoked potentials, memory (Dr. Vajnerová)
File Hearing (Dr. Homola)
Neurophysiology - student presentations File Blood-Brain Barrier (Keiv Holding)
File Reflexes and locomotion (Moa Cho)
File Neocortex (Katerina Fillmore)
Acid base balance File ABR Program KIDNEY resp acid
General physiology File Membrane transport - lecture notes (Dr. Vajnerova)
Muscle File Muscle – contraction, tonus, biomechanics (Prof. Bunc)