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by Aleš Vomáčka -


this is the original article from the US: It as several pages (which took me some time to discover...), but it's not a long read.

What I forgot about, is that they pulled the statements from news, so you can try it too (though I'm not sure how many will you be able to find).

Also for the group that will be doing literature review: We can meet on Thursday at 13:30 at Literarni kavarna Tynska (adress is Týnská 6, Prague 1), if you are ok with that.

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Literature Review

by Aleš Vomáčka -


this is the first version of the quick litarature review on factors that may potentionally affect. Since we weren't able to find any research about our topic, we look for related studies, namely sources of confirmation bias and the process of opinion fomation.

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by Vera Arshinnikova -

Hey Andreja and Lea,

Today we discussed project's harmonogram and formed two teams for completing new tasks. Our team has to finish the battery of statements. When Andreja is back, I suggest we set up a meeting somewhere in Dejvice, since we live pretty close to each other.

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NEP Scale

by Aleš Vomáčka -


I went over the studies that used NEP scale and tried to find which items are the most relevant.

It seems that the NEP scale measures three dimensions of environmental attitudes:
1) Balance of nature

2) Limits to growth

3) Human domination of nature


In most studies, the Balance of nature dimension is the most prominent (i.e. explains most variance).


The items that are most related to each dimension (have highest factor loading) are:

1) When humans interfere with nature it often produces disastrous consequence (Balance of nature)

2) The Earth is  like a spaceship with only limited room and resources (Limits to growth)

3) Plants and animals exist primarily to be used by humans (Human domination of nature)


However, in some studies, there were items with very similiar loading. For example, the Limits to growth dimension is also well represented by the "There are limits to growth beyond which our industrialized society cannot expand" or "We are approaching the number of people the Earth can support" items.

Some studies found more or less than three dimensions in the NEP Scale. However, these studies were always done on subpopulations (park visitros, environmental activists, fishers, university students). For general population, three dimensions seems to be the standard.

Vast majority of the studies were done in the USA, so the results may be culturaly biased.

Most items in the NEP scale seems to have very little differentiation ability on their own (= most people give the same answer).

In the attachement, there is a table where you can see the items with highest loading for each dimension for different studies + list of references.

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by Aleš Vomáčka -

Here is the first version of the questionnare

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Re: Questionnare

by Aleš Vomáčka -

Here is the czech translation of the questionnare. After our last meeting, we also decided to change the way we measure value orientation. The value orientation is now measured using these three statements(instead of the NEP scale items):

On the scale from 1 to 7, please state how much you agree or disagree with following statements:
1) We have a moral duty towards the future generations to do everything in our power to protect the environment.
2) I feel a moral duty to take the environment into account in my everyday life.

3) Companies and the industry should adopt strict regulatiosn to prevent environmental damage.

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Re: Project forum

by Vera Arshinnikova -!FlUlGEFrFmbc/power-point-poster-environment-ppt
Greetings. I could not upload the file with the poster template cause it's too large, so please download it via link (I haven't finished my part of the work yet, but I still want to upload it as soon as possible so everyone can check it out and use it for their parts).

The feedback will be very much welcomed.