Regular organisation of Seminars

Dear students,

I am writing addressing some questions from some of you.

we are not online today, you only have the ppt presentation to listen at the time of the seminar is scheduled and write a short essay after the presentation and after you have read the text for this week. Your work on the short essay paper falls ideally to the remaining scheduled time of the seminar after you check the presentation. The deadline for submission is on next Tues at 5pm. The seminars will be organised in this way except of the Live Webinars scheduled as you can see in Moodle. I will remind you about the Live Webinars and send you the link sufficiently in advance by email.

Please, check the Moodle here too.

Please, post any of your questions in Moodle in the Chat rooms set up for you so other people can be informed too.

Many thanks,

Good luck with your writing today,

Talk soon again 


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