Weekly outline

  • General

  • Text 1: Darley & Larane: Bystander effect

    1) Text 1: 

     Darley, J. M. - Latané, B. (1968): Bystander intervention in emergencies: Diffusion of responsibility. Journal of Personality and Social psychology, 1968 (8), 4, pp. 377-383. 
    2) Ppt presentation on Text 1
    3) File for submission of Short essay 1 on the Text 1 by 20th Oct
    • Submission of short essays' by 20th Oct Assignment
      Restricted Available until 20 October 2020, 5:00 PM
  • Text 2: Tajfel - Turner: The social identiti theory of intergroup behaviour

    Ppt presentation on  Text 2 on 21st Oct: 

    ´Tajfel, H.,Turner, J.C. The social identity theory of intergroup behaviour (The theory of intergroup conflict, ,1979). In Jost, J. T. (Ed); Sidanius, J. (Ed), (2004). Political psychology: Key readings. Key readings in social psychology., (pp. 276-293). New York, NY, US: Psychology Press. 

    File for Short essay 2' submission on Text 2 by 27th Oct

    Reading of Text 2 by 21st Oct

  • Text 3: Milgram: The Authority and obedience

    No seminar on 28th October - Bank Holiday

    Please, start reading the text 3:   Milgram, S. (1992): The individual and authority. Introduction and Chapter 10. pp 125-163. In S. Milgram, The individual in a social world. Essays and experiments, 2nd ed New York: Mc Graw-Hill. 

  • 4th November - LIVE WEBINAR!

    Live Webinar on 4th November - Please, list your questions, queries, comments

    Prepare reading on Text 3:  Milgram, S. (1992): The individual and authority. In S. Milgram, The individual in a social world. Essays and experiments. (125-190), 2nd ed New York: Mc Graw

    Live Webinar on 4th November for your Q&A's and live discussion on Text 3

    DEADLINE for submission of Text 3 Task is by 10th November 2020

    The task on Text 3: Do the Ppt presentation for me on Text 3. Max 10 slides and 30 mins of your comments. Point out the structure of the text, main points of the argument and conclusions/discussion/implications.

  • Text 4: Zimbardo: The Lucifer Effect - Chapter 12, 13 and 16

    Reading and comprehension of Text 4

    Text 4 in pdf:

    ´Zimbardo, P. (2007): The Lucifer effect. How good people turn evil. London: Ebury Publishing. (258-323).  Pennington, D.
    Submission file for Essay 4 on Text 4: By 2nd Dec
    Ppt presentations on Text 4 - 1 ppt (pp 258-323): released on 24th Nov. Short Essay 4 on Text 4 by 2nd Dec
    Live WEBINAR 2: 2nd December 
  • Webinar 2: 2nd December

    Summary of Seminar in Social Psychology: Ppt on most important concepts discussed in texts released on 2nd December

    Time and Space for your Q&As.

    Live Webinar for discussion on the texts we worked with to date.

    Any questions, queries or comments on the Essay and its questions

  • 3rd - 16th December

    Essay question for Essay of 2000 words  released on 2nd December - DEADLINE on 16th December 2020

    3rd - 16th December: Time for writing the major Essay for Assessment - worth 60% of your mark

    Essay of 2000 words. Structure of the essay will be discussed and presented in ppt