Topic outline

  • Course Description

    In this course, the student will explore a variety of themes at the intersection of gender and psychology, including gendered concepts of moral development, feminist insights and critical theory and current trends and concerns. In addition, this course will explore gender as a category within psychological theory as well as the construction of masculinity and femininity. Specific topics include: sexual harassment; women in prison; domestic abuse; disease and mental health; and body images and mental health.

  • 1. Introduction to Gender, Feminism and Psychology

  • 2. Gender Differences and Stereotyping in Developmental Psychology

  • 3. Gender Differences and Stereotyping in Cognitive Development

  • 4. The Development of Gender Identity

  • 5. Sexuality

  • 6. Relationships

  • 7. Motherhood

  • 8. Aging

  • 9. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

  • 10. Women in Prison

  • 11. Domestic Abuse and Violence

  • 12. Disease and Mental Health

  • 13. Body and Mental Health