Topic outline

  • Course Description

    In this course we explore the entanglements of gender, nature and culture that have been at the heart of feminist theory and activism. These concerns have gained renewed feminist attention in the era some call the Anthropocene where human activities irreparably have impacted on geological, biotic and climatic processes. What does it mean to live in the ruins of capitalism and what life and specifically feminist and queer politics can be generated when there is no simple cure or going back to pre-industrial times? These questions will take us to theories of racism and colonialism as much as gender and queer studies and human animal studies. The course will proceed through engaging case studies, as well as an exercise of creative ‘energy writing’ that will take us out of the classroom to expand our always more than human sensorium, train our writing skills and attune us the environment.

  • 1. Welcome to the Anthropocene

  • 2. Thinking with Natureculture Entanglements

  • 3. Queer Animals? Thinking Trans* with Nonhuman Animals

  • 4. Nonlinear Biology and Sympoeisis

  • 5. Queer Ecologies and Politics

  • 6. Petro- and Plastic Capitalist Cultures

  • 7. (Non)Western Ontologies: Querying Life and Nonlife & Midterm Review

  • 8. Expanding the Human Sensorium: The Art of Noticing & Fieldtrip

  • 9. Caring for Nonhuman Kin

  • 10. Agential Realism

  • 11. Nuclearity: Memory, Affect and Politics of Nonhuman Witnessing

  • 12. The Politics of Waste & Review of Concepts

  • 13. The Politics of Nature: an (Eco)Cosmopolitan Proposal & Roleplay