Topic outline

  • General

  • 5/10 Introduction: Course structure, deadlines, assignments (book reviw, policy brief, presentation, final test), group distribution

  • 12/10 Culture (1), Soft power and its projection (2)

    Different perspectives on culture. Why culture matters as public policy and diplomatic agenda? European culture and cultures. Cultural map of Europe.

    Power and its elements. Hard power, soft power and smart power. Soft power tools and instruments. European soft power.

  • 19/10 No class - EPS Opening Ceremony

  • 26/10 Guest lecture Ivo Šlosarčík – European Legal Culture(s)

  • 2/11 Cultural diplomacy versus cultural relations ONLINE SESSION

  • 3/11 Guest lecture: Thareerat Laohabut, LMU Cultural cleavages and the rise of radical right parties in Western Europe

  • 9/11 Guest lecture Maxine David (Leiden University) Disrupting and Re-imagining European Studies: towards a More Diverse and Inclusive Discipline

    Message from dr. David: The reading is a draft and there are mistakes,  some sections will be added to or reduced, depending on the nature of reviewer feedback.

  • 16/11 Guest lecture - MFA

    Eduard Hulicius, Deputy Prime Minister, Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • 20-21/11 Brussels field trip

  • 23/11 Cultural policy and Identity/ Brussels field trip debriefing in class

  • 30/11 Cultural diversity. Guest lecture: Jitka Pánek Jurková, Czech Centres, Director General

  • 7/12 Presentations

  • 14/12 Presentations II

  • 21/12 Final test (in class)