The final project is on a certain problem of Mexico and its most probable future development. It has to have standard features of an academic paper like references, footnotes, and bibliography – Chicago Manual of Style is recommended: - notes and bibliography part. The work should be around 18 000 characters with spaces including bibliography and footnotes.

Besides this:

1)    Deadline is the 21st of December 2020 at the stroke of midnight

2)    Focus on the important information and relevant to your topic. You will have to use internet sources so be extra careful evaluating their validity. There are a lot of strange sources; some are even misleading on purpose.

3)    We know that future development is a little bit problematic, but you should analyze a current state and make a most probable prediction. For instance, how will the education reform develop and how would/should the mexican school system look like in 10 years.

4)    The current state should be like 25% of the extent, the prediction 75%. The second part is the more important one.

Evaluation (what is going to be evaluated)

1)    The structure – your work has to have a good structure – introduction, main part, and conclusion. All the parts have to stick together, even the paragraphs.

2)    Style and grammar – the academic paper/project has some stylistic rules you should obey – We include one example from one of our past students, how it should like.

3)    No plagiarism – if you have something to quote, use the quoting. If you are not familiar with the Ethic code, read it. If you are not sure about plagiarism, check this code: - the part about Plagiarism. Plagiarism (including autoplagiarism) is an absolutely unacceptable behaviour in the academic sphere which is defined by the Code of Ethics, Disciplinary Rules for the Charles University Students, Disciplinary Rules of the FSV UK and Dean's Measure No. 18/2015. This Decree regulates the procedure for the detection of student plagiarism by internal and external instructors at the Institute of International Studies, FSV UK.

Also here I present some examples (generally the document is great to read, but examples are from page 21):

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