Unlike class assignments which probe more general understanding of the assigned readings, the purpose of presentations and reactions papers is to provide a more in-depth analysis of the specific texts and relate them to the other readings for the given class. The aim of this exercise is thus not only to introduce the main argument(s) but also to outline what new/different perspectives on the discussed subject they offer vis-à-vis other readings. Furthermore, you should discuss what you find persuasive and productive about the text, as well as what you would dispute.

Presentations should take between 10-15 minutes, reaction papers should be around 800 words. I realize this might not be enough for covering all the aspects I mentioned above so take them as broad guidelines and inspiration for what to tackle in the paper or presentation.

Reaction papers are due on Sunday noon before the seminar to which the given additional reading is assigned. There will be folders for reaction papers to be submitted to in the given classes' sections.

You may receive up to 20 points for a presentation or a reaction paper.

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