Week 9 (14.4.): Place, space, technology. NO CLASS, but MAKE ASSIGNMENT and WATCH MOVIE

Otevřené: Neděle, 1. října 2017, 00.00
Termín: Úterý, 14. dubna 2020, 15.30

Readings: Sterne, Jonathan, 2013, “The Non-Aggressive Music Deterrent,” 121–137. In Ubiquitous Music: The Everyday Sounds That We Don’t Always Notice. Anahid Kassabian et al, eds. Ashgate. Bull, Michael. 2012. “The Audio-Visual iPod.” In The Sound Studies Reader. Sterne, Jonathan, ed. New York: Routledge, 197-204(207).

Assignment: Discuss background vs foreground music, and the notion of non-aggressive music deterrent, as related to place/space (in Sterne). How can sound impact and (re)create environment, and the social relations within it (compare Bull’s and Sterne’s articles)? What is the relation between structural power and individual agency in both cases? What are the limitations of individual agency in this regard (in both cases)? Do the authors refrain to one-dimensional binary interpretations (power vs resistance), or do they acknowledge complexities and contradictions in this regard? Discuss.

Movie: An anthropological introduction to YouTube -- www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPAO-lZ4_hU