Weekly outline

  • 14 February - 20 February

    4A Back to school, aged 35

    Page 52

    1 a, b

    2 c

    Page 150/1, 2, 3 EDUCATION

    HW: Your education (questions + answers)

    • 21 February - 27 February


      page 36

      1 a, b

      page 37

      2 a, b, c, d

      page 134 - Grammar bank 3A (MUST, HAVE TO, SHOULD) exercise a, b

      3 a, b, c

      HW 1: Mobile phone questionnaire - questions and answers (p. 36)

      HW 2: Manners or the law? (p. 37 - in the purple box)

      Making sentences with:

      You should / You shouldn't............. (for manners)

      You have to / mustn't.............. (for the law)

      • 28 February - 6 March


        page 38/4 READING - CULTURE SHOCK a, b, c, d, e

        Reading 5 a, b - answering the questions

        6 - Do people do these things in your country? Do you think it is good or bad manners to do these things, or doesnt it matter?

        HW: Think about the differences between the Deaf vs hearing culture

        • 7 March - 13 March

          Nemoc studentky - omluvena

          • 14 March - 20 March



            Page 40/1 - reading

            a, b, c, d, e

            Do I really look like this? Reading the article.

            Page 41 How words work - LOOK x LOOK LIKE


            HOMEWORK for Friday 19th March:


            LOOK x LOOK LIKE


            Complete the sentences:

            He is forty but he only ______________ thirty.

            What is that building? It ________________ a factory.

            Your boss ________________ a nice person. Is she?

            This cake _________________ delicious but it is horrible.




            Page 149 - Vocabulary bank

            • 21 March - 27 March

              Oprava HW z minule hodiny

              Page 41/3B 2 a) Vocabulary

              Page 149 - DESCRIBING PEOPLE

              1) Age

              2) Height and build

              3) Hair

              4) General adjectives

              Page 41/3B 2 b)

              Reading 3.5 Which one is the bank robber?

              Page 42/4 GRAMMAR - must, may, might, can't (deduction)

              Page 134 Grammar Bank 3B - explanation


              1) Describe a member of your family or a famous person (actor, actress) to identify.

              2) 135/3B

              a) Match the sentences

              b) Complete with might (not), must, or can't.

              3) Watch the film "Pretty Woman" with English subtitles

              • 28 March - 3 April

                Preparation for the mid-term test.

                UNIT 3 and 4 revision - vocabulary, grammar.



                UNIT 3

                Obligation/necessity: have to/must (+infinitive]

                No obligation/necessity: don't have to

                Prohibition: mustn't (+infinitive)

                Advice or opinion: should/shouldn't (+infinitive)

                When you are SURE something is TRUE: must

                When you THINK something is POSSIBLY TRUE: may/might

                When you are SURE something is IMPOSSIBLE/NOT TRUE: can't

                Can, could, be able to (+infinitive) - ability and possibility

                UNIT 4

                First conditional and future time clauses + when, until, before, after, as soon as...

                Second conditional sentences: if + past simple, would/wouldn't + infinitive

                Usually (present habits and states)

                Used to (past habits and states)

                • 4 April - 10 April

                  UNIT 5A

                  Page 68/1 a, b, c

                  Page 138/Grammar Bank 5A


                  Large quantities - a lot of , lots of, a lot, many, much, plenty of time

                  Small quantities - a little, a few, very little, very few

                  Zero quantity - There isnt any, There is no room..., None

                  More than you need or want - too big, too much, too many

                  Less than you need - enough, frequent enough


                  Are you happy with your work-life balance?

                  How much time do you have......?

                  for yourself

                  to do exercise

                  to see friends

                  to be with your family

                  How much.............. do you have?


                  school/university work

                  English homework


                  • 11 April - 17 April

                    Page 70/4 Reading & Vocabulary

                    a, b, c

                    Slow down, you move too fast

                    Page 71/5 a - Vocabulary

                    5B - Same planet, different worlds

                    Page 72/1 Grammar - articles: a/an, the, no article

                    a, c

                    Page 138 - Grammar bank 5B

                    articles. a/an, the, no article

                    exercise 5B a, b

                    3 READING

                    a, c, d

                    How words work:


                    according to


                    on the other hand


                    Page 74/a, b, d

                    Page 75/6 a


                    Page 76/1 a, 2a


                    Do you know anybody who......

                    - is applying for a job? What kind of job?

                    - has just retired? How old is he/she?

                    - has been promoted recently? What to?

                    - does a lot of overtime? Why?

                    - was sacked from his/her job? Why?

                    - is self-employed? What does he/she do?

                    - is doing a temporary job? What?

                    - has a part-time job? What hours does he/she work?

                    • 18 April - 24 April

                      Page 77 3 a, d

                      Page 138 Grammar Bank 5C

                      Gerunds and infinitives

                      Use the gerund (verb + -ing)

                      Use the infinitive (+to)

                      Use the infinitive (without to)

                      Exercise Page 139/5C a, b

                      Page 78/4 a

                      Page 79/6

                      Page 81/5 c, d Formal letters and a CV

                      VOCABULARY BANK page 152/WORK


                      REVISION page 82, 83 - What do you remember?