Weekly outline

  • General

    • Form of teaching: in-person teaching

      The course is taught offline. However, some lectures/seminar will be online – it is clearly indicated in the course schedule.

      The teacher reserves the right to change the form of teaching - mainly because of the epidemiological situation or for students who have some visa problems, in this case an individual agreement can be made between the student and the teacher. 

      Students registered as students with special needs are kindly asked to contact the teacher (preferably) before the start of the course. 

  • Week 1: Healthcare Systems Opening (Lecture)

    Opening Lecture

    Health systems: key words, health indicators, comparing healthcare systems.

  • Week 2: Comparative Health System Activity (home preparation)

    We start to study the healthcare systems. As a first step, you are required to participate in teams, in an introductory reading to gain and consolidate your knowledge of different classifications of health systems. 

    Choose between two proposed classifications of health systems. Read the selected articles (see in the Reading list folder below). 

    Based on the readings, you are required to: 

    a) Develop a Commentary. Summarize and comment on the articles. 

    • Points gained: Up to 15 points
    • Deadline to be uploaded to Moodle: Sunday 3 March, 23.59 (Prague time)

    b) Each team of three students has to select one healthcare system and develop an Overview. 

    • Points gained: Up to 15 points
    • Deadline to be uploaded to Moodle:
              - Draft document - Sunday 17 March, 23:59 (Prague time); 
              - Final document - Sunday 24 March, 23:59 (Prague time)

    c) Present your findings to your peers in the form of a presentation. 

    • Points gained: Up to 10 points
    • Deadline to be uploaded to MoodleWednesday 6, 13, 20 March, 23.59 (Prague time), according to the selection of the day of presentation.

    Nota Bene:
    All teams have to select the classification and day of presentation in a shared document in Google Drive
    More information in the folder below: Templates and important documents for Activity 1

  • Week 3: Healthcare Systems Typology (Lecture)

  • Week 4: Healthcare system challenges: Health Workforce (Seminar)

    Students' discussion based on the SICKO documentary.

    Student presentation. 

    Assignment of the semestral project and requirements

  • Week 5: Activity 1: student teams’ presentation and discussion (Seminar)

  • “OECD: Health at a Glance 2023" (Lecture by Lucie Bryndová, OECD Paris)

    Microsoft Teams meeting

    Join on your computer, mobile app or room device

    Click here to join the meeting

    Meeting ID: 387 997 262 220
    Passcode: zmatKh

  • Week 7: Comparing Health Systems: International Sources of Data (Online Seminar)

    ONLINE Seminar 

    Join Zoom Meeting


    Meeting ID: 928 3516 9075
    Passcode: 430491

  • Week 8: Behavioural Insights: health literacy (Lecture by Radek Kovács)

    Lecture by Radek Kovács

  • Week 9: Host Lecture (Stefano Neri, Milano University, Italy)

  • Week 10: Host Lecture (Stefano Neri, Milano University, Italy)

  • Week 11: National Bank Holiday (NO LECTURE, NO SEMINAR)

  • Week 12: National Bank Holiday (NO LECTURE, NO SEMINAR)

  • Week 13: Czech Health System (Closing seminar)

  • Semestrial Project

    This week
    • This document should serves as a guide as to how develop students´ projects and fulfil requirements successfully. Throughout the semester, if in any doubt or in need of a helping hand, students are more than welcome to contact the lecturer.

    • Please find here :

      List of Indicators Template and

      Data Extraction Literature Review Template

  • Forming and enrolling in groups

  • Sumbission room for COMMENTARY

  • Sumbission room for DRAFT overview

  • Sumbission room for FINAL overview

  • Sumbission room for PRESENTATION

  • Submission room for List of Indicators

  • Submission room for Literature Review

  • Submission room for Report

  • Submission room for Review of assigned project