The main aim of the final paper is to engage anthropology and/or ethnography as an academic and analytical approach. This can be done in several ways.

First, the paper can offer your reflection on and academic analysis of your own experiences adopting an anthropological perspective.

Second, you can critically discuss a certain controversy involving anthropologists or anthropology as a discipline (for inspiration you can have a look at this article:

Third, you can analyse a certain event or phenomena (e.g. Chechen civil war; EU negotiations) using anthropological approach.

To be clear, given the (very) limited scope and time, I do not expect you to do actual ethnographic research. The point is to use anthropological lenses to make sense of a certain phenomenon (possibly your own experience) and to flesh out what kind of insights can this approach bring on the discussed matter. You are thus required to use anthropological or anthropology-inspired academic literature for your paper

Please do get in touch with me regarding the topic of your paper, specific analytical approach you are thinking about and/or literature to be used. I am also available after the class, alternatively we can figure out some other time when to meet if you wanted to discuss the paper in person.

The paper should be roughly 3.000 words long and the deadline is February 9 midnight (you are of course welcome to submit the paper before this date). It needs to be submitted via moodle, there is now an “Final paper” submission folder set up at the course site.

You may receive up to 35 points for the final paper. In the case you receive less than 21 points, you will be able to resubmit the paper.

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