Seminar 1 topics

Seminar 1 topics

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Dear colleagues,

Thank you very much for your participation in the Friday session of economic warfare. I am sorry that I can only post your assignment for seminar 1 today. I had to wait for a confirmation that your colleagues who could not participate in the lecture are still interested in the class.

As we discussed the seminar on March 8, should help us understand whether authoritarian regimes mobilize their economic power more quickly and more effectively than democratic regimes. I think it will be valuable for you to learn how to select the cases yourselves. I will, however, help you select by giving you criteria and telling you where to look for cases.

Each of you will select one country and explore what happened with the country’s economy in war, how the economy mobilized, and what was the effect of the regime’s unique characteristics on this economic mobilization. To be able to observe economic mobilization, we need a conflict sufficiently long and intensive to require mobilization. Please consult Correlates of War database (http://www.correlatesofwar.org/) and use only 1) inter-state conflicts, 2) which lasted at more than one year (that is more than 365 days), and  3) which cost your country more than 1000 battle related dead.

Furthermore, we need to distinguish various regime types. This enriches our criteria with one more. Hence at the starting year of the war, your country must have:

You can choose any country, which meets your criteria in any war since 1900. Please make sure, however, to explain the relevancy of your case for our research question briefly at the beginning of your case study.

Best wishes