Concepts and measures

Opened: mardi 15 février 2022, 00:00
Due: lundi 21 février 2022, 08:00

You will work with 14 Czech administrative units - "kraje".

It is often argued that socio-economic frustration leads to vote for far-left or far-right parties. Lets asume that economic frustration (at a regional level) has three components - Unemployment, Average Salary, Low Education (education lower than high school "Matura").

Provide at least three alternative operationalizations agregating the above mentioned components. Explain briefly the logic behind their construction and try to ilustrate the diference in output classification (measurement) produced by alternative operationalizations. Try to briefly defend which operationalization is the best.

In the next step try to conceptualize and operationalize "far-(right/lef)" political party. In this case the eventual classification must be binary (0; 1).

Then, take the data from 2021 and measure "kraje" according to the economic frustration, and measure/classify political parties participating in the elections (with more than 1,5 %).

Plot the putative cause (econ. frustration) against the putative effect (share of far-left/right parties).

Provide a brief evaluation of the putative relationship.

Hand in as a PDF (title page and the text with inserted tables adn charts) plus Excel (tables with calculations and charts + you may want to use the fisrt list as a codebook).