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    Course Description:

    The is an advanced course, designed for students with a special interest in social and political ethics, primarily for students of PPE and IEPS study programmes who are currently writing or considering writing their final thesis under my (JS) supervision. Thus, while formal prerequisites are not set up for this course, it is expected that students who will register for this seminar will have some background in philosophy and ethics (as do students who have attended my introductory courses in philosophy and ethics). Since this seminar is supposed to be of help to students writing their final thesis on a topic that has an ethical dimension, this seminar will be devoted to two kinds of topics: (a) social and cultural factors shaping morality and ethics (which we will explore by discussing the work of R. Nisbett and P. Zimbardo), and (b) topics on which the students writing their final theses are already working. The weekly seminars will thus be a mixture of long discussions, interrupted by brief student presentations and brief interventions on my (JS) part. The order of the seminars will be determined in the first weeks of the semester, once the list of registered students (and topics of their final theses, if applicable) will be known.

    Instructor: Dr. Janusz Salamon

    ETCS: 6 credits
    Prerequisites: None
    Course Code: JPB 164

    PLACE: Nove Butovice campus [During the COVID lockdown the lectures will be delivered online through ZOOM. The Zoom link will be always provided via email, so, please, check your email.]



    Office hours: Tuesday, 15.30-17.00 in the office in Butovice (ONLINE consultations possible also at other times, after appointment)


    Quality Participation                50%

    Final Paper                                50%

    Total                                         100%


    • A = 91-100 % – excellent
    • B = 81-90 % – very good
    • C = 71-80 % – good
    • D = 61-70 % – satisfactory
    • E = 51-60 % – minimal pass
    • F = 0-50 % – fail

      All readings will be available in electronic format available for download from the course website (in the SIS and in Moodle)