Weekly outline

  • Introduction

    What is the role of the European Union in European security? How does the EU contribute to the security of its member states? How does the EU engage in providing security beyond its borders? How is internal and external security interconnected in the European institutions and policies? The course aims to introduce students to the areas of security policy in the European Union and their role in European security. Attention will be paid not only to structural characteristics of policy areas but also their common and distinct attributes. After completing the course, students will understand the ways and problems of providing internal and external security at the European level.

    Zoom room for the course: https://cesnet.zoom.us/j/94403751456?pwd=NGhBY1ZCNVlaRVdnWTVRZ0daTis3Zz09h

    Online teaching and learning

    Due to the current epidemic situation, the course will take place in Zoom (see the link above; either the Zoom app or Chrome browser are recommended for full functionality) until in-class seminars are allowed. Please, follow a few basic rules of online etiquette during the seminar:

    1. Arrive at the meeting on time and prepared.
    2. Everybody is expected to participate in the discussion. If possible, join the class in a quiet place and turn on your video. Mute your microphone unless you are speaking. Wear a suitable dress. Do not eat or smoke during Zoom sessions.
    3. When logging onto Zoom please write your full name. If you miss the option while logging in, clicking on your picture will give you the option to rename yourself once you are in the meeting.
    4. Please follow the general rules of interpersonal communication in the online environment: respect others and their opinions, let everybody express their view freely, do not use offensive language, pay attention to others when they are speaking.