Topic outline

  • General

  • Writing Resources

  • Topic 1: Public policy as a scientific discipline and problem-solving practice (Feb 16)

    • What is public policy?
    • The policy cycle
    • Engaging experts in public policy and policy analysis

    In-class exercise: Introduction, expectations and problems

  • Topic 2: Agenda setting (Feb 23 and March 2)

    • What is agenda-setting?

    • The importance of problem articulation (what? who? when?)

  • Topic 3: Policy formulation: The social dimension of Europe (March 9 and March 16)

    • What is policy formulation?
    • The role of actors and interests in policy formulation
    • Types of policy options
    • Policy instruments/tools - examples
    • Case study: The social dimension of Europe 

  • Topic 4 - Decision-making: The European Green Deal and Environmental Policy-Making in Europe (March 23 and March 30)

    • A) Scope of decision making and choices 

    • B) Actors in the decision-making 

    • C) Models of decision-making

    • Case study: European Green Deal and Environmental Policy-Making in Europe

    In-class exercise: Actors and activities (related to topics A and B), Interpreting a decision: different perspectives (related to topic C)

  • Topic 5 - Policy implementation: Challenges in implementing policy responses during the COVID-19 pandemic (April 13 and 20)

    • What happens during the implementation stage?

    • “Top-down” vs. “bottom-up”approaches to studying implementation

    • Common implementation problems

    • What (and who) affects implementation? Factors to consider

    • Anticipating problems of implementation 

    • Case study: Implementation of COVID-19 responses in various country settings

  • Topic 6 - Policy evaluation: How effective are health warnings on cigarette packages? (April 27 and May 5)

    • Assessing the impact of public policy (programs)

    • Research designs for policy evaluation (output vs impact)

    • Reality of policy evaluation - why does it fail so often? 

    • Case study: health warnings on cigarette packages

  • Topic 7 - Beyond the policy cycle: an integrated public policy perspective (May 11)

    • What are integrated public policies?
    • What are the preconditions for achieving integrated policy goals and policy processes? 

    • Course wrap-up: Key takeaways, students' reflections
  • Submission of Final Term Paper

    Students have three due dates for the term paper. The first and second terms can be used for obtaining informal feedback. In such a case, indicate in the document title that it is a draft not to be formally evaluated. The third term is a strict deadline, and all submitted documents will be checked for plagiarism and graded. All versions must be sent to . If the final report is not submitted by the third deadline, the student fails to pass the course. 

    Deadlines for a term paper in the academic year 2022/2023: 

    1. May 31 

    2. June 30 

    3. July 31