Knowledge Acquisition: Students will be required to keep up with the required readings, to attend class sessions, engage in web research, etc. to deepen their knowledge base.


Requirements: To complete the course student must participate in team presentations and pass the written exam. The performance is awarded 40 points and a written test with 60 points. The performance and active engagement in the class represent 40 percent of the final score, and the exam represents 60 percent. 


Assignments: Final test, team presentation, active participation in the classes. 


Course Objectives:

The course focuses on modern propaganda, persuasion and their role in electoral campaigns. We will analyze propaganda, persuasion, and campaign from the theoretical, historical and practical approach. Students will also learn how to analyze the contemporary electoral techniques and distinguish among propaganda and persuasion. Concurrently it will also explain the key concepts and terms. The further aim is to understand how campaigning and modern communication is influencing the political process. The objective of the course is to provide students with a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the propaganda techniques and modern form of campaigning style. Therefore, we will talk about the information war too, fake news and other topics. We will distinguish between "modern and democratic campaigning style" and bring awareness of how propaganda has permeated the political and daily life and consequently influenced campaigning (in former Czechoslovakia, in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary, and other countries). The course language is English.