Not stay up late
Cook by myself more often
Do sport or exercise
Read the whole readings for the lesson
Not to eat too much sweet

Use less the word “break up” in fights
Be late less
Read more
Wake up in time more

Exercise more
Read more
Procrastinate less
Sleep less
Chat on the web less

Go out more
Argue with my brother less
Help my mom more
Be more active with finding job
Eat less

Waku up earlier during the weekdays, even when I do not have to
Stop saying bad words (or say them less)
Stop smoking when drinking alcohol
Go out for walk (more often)
Be nicer to my boyfriend

Be with my parents more often
Be nervous less often
Think less about everything more often

Less smoking
Less biting nails
Less doing drugs
Less sarcasm
Going to be earlier

Work on my “rests”
Spend time better way
Be in hurry less
Come late less
Less sleep instead of going to school

Procrastinate less
Smoke less cigarettes
Drink less beer
Read more sociological literature

Less procrastination
Less grumpiness when asked to do some housework
Less time spent on computer (doing nothing important)
Have lower expenses
Accept more criticism from my girlfriend

Less procrastination
To be able to come in time to meetings and so on
To be able to concentrate more

Go running/jogging more often
Speak more Czech, instead of English
Learn Czech vocabulary more often
Do not arrive on the last minute so often
Do exercise for my legs more often

Spend less time on facebook
Stop drinking too much during parties
Arrive on time to appointments
Do not procrastinate homework
Don’t eat between lunch and dinner

Procrastination (exams and essays get really stressful, I cannot finish all the plans)
Often forget to recycle trash (it is bad for the environment)
Having mess in the room (I cannot find my things every time, don’t feel very comfortable during the visits)
To fritter with too much different stuff (stick close to one smaller topic more often)
Doing more sports (its unhealthy, I can become lazy and get more weight)

Spend more time with school
Read books before returning to library and borrow them again
Spend more time with my half-sister
Save more money for holiday
Don’t spend so much time with sleeping

To be less moody
To be less stubborn
Accept better loosing in games
To be afraid of talking in front of many people
To eat less sweets

Using time more efficiently (become a be better planner)
Accept critics
Wake up earlier
Focus on one thing
Be nicer person

To do more things by morning
To spend more time by doing things to work
To be less abusive
To clean my room more often
Not to be in bad mood with no reason

Read more
Spend more time with my partner
Study more
Exercise more
Sport more
Eat less
Smoke less
Do less internet
Clean my dogs ears (Less? More often?)
Touch my face (Less? More often?)

Bite nails less
Exercise more
Cook more
Wake up earlier
Eat less candy

more physical exercise
attend the lectures more frequently
go to Cinda
smoke less often

coming late to classes less often
postponing the start of work for homeworks less often
party and drink les
do more sport
eat healthier staff

smoking cigarettes
being a liar
treat Mikeš as thing
judging other people
be lazy
read books im interested in
do sports
speaking truth
mote empathy
eat regularly (not at night)

smoking cigarettes
come late to meetings
watt stupid videos
be lazy
sports, read, sex, study, turism

play drums, sleep, read books, meet friends, relax

sports,  sleep, read books,
LESS going out, sweets

sleep, read books, travelling, meet friends,
LESS going out

do things on time
come on time to meetings
say no
stop doing bad habits

LESS yell hen angry
MORE on time – stdying
going to gym, sports

More concentrated on classes
writing papers durig semester
less ICQ
going to sleep earlier

be more on time
more responsible
go to sleep earlier
not to do everything on last minute

LESS arguments with mother
stay at work after work hours
MORE exercise, rest

MORE learnig and exercise langure
doing things in time
fading books (not for school)
find the job

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