Final paper (due by June 23, by 23.55).

Opened: Friday, 22 December 2017, 12:00 AM
Due: Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 11:55 PM

Final assignment: essay (pick one out of three topics below):


1) ethnographic paper (ethnography of one music venue): you should do some fieldwork research at one particular music venue for this paper, and relate this research to some of the topics from this class: various aspects of place (physical place, social space, geography), and their relations to music/performance, and broader social and cultural factors. The paper should be based mostly on ethnographic data (fieldnotes, quotes from conversations/performances/promo material; necessary to interview audience members and organizers about place-related aspects). The paper should also have a brief theoretical part, where it is necessary to incorporate at least 5 relevant articles from this class, and 1-2 additional academic articles related to the area of research. Discuss the topic (venue) and selected readings with me first (I need to confirm it), to make sure it will be appropriate for this class.

2) theoretical paper: you can decide to write a theoretical paper on any topic of your own choosing related to this class. The paper should incorporate at least 4-5 relevant articles from this class, and 3-4 additional academic articles related to the area of research (you can use articles from ‘further readings’ sections in the syllabus, or you can find them on your own; I will also send you a list of possible essay topics). Discuss the topic and selected readings with me first (I need to confirm it), to make sure it will be appropriate for this class.

Papers should be 6-7 pages long (without bibliography). Font 12 (double spaced). Submit to moodle, in word doc, by June 23 (more details to be added later).


place/space topic: important to frame everything from the place/space perspective (even background information).

clarity, detail: make enough effort to clearly articulate your ideas (also important to use concrete ideas, supported with concrete examples, not something too abstract and vague).

audience: your intended audience is a general audience who did not read the articles, and who are not familiar with these topics (you shouldn't be writing for a professor). This means, you have to clarify all ideas and all major points, also all special terminology, and you need to add some context to each point, etc. 

Grading criteria:

-          Incorporation of all required aspects from instructions; proper discussion of relevant theories from required articles (+ include some context). Demonstrate competent understanding of main concepts (notions of place/space, in all its different aspects). 60%

-          Examples/details from articles/research. 25%

-          Originality of comparisons/conclusions. 5%

-          Form, clarity of arguments, academic style. 10%