Week 6 (24.3.): Music and social space: gender, class, and sexuality in music places.

Opened: Sunday, 1 October 2017, 12:00 AM
Due: Tuesday, 24 March 2020, 3:30 PM

Readings: Brennan, Vicki L. 1999. Chamber Music in the Barn: Tourism, Nostalgia, and the Reprduction of Social Class,” (11)13-14 (skip intro + “From city to country”), 16-19 (skip »The festival history,« and »Timeless music ...«--except for its first paragraph), 23-27 (read from »Classical music and the concert hall ritual«, until the end). Valentine, Gill. 1995. “Creating Transgressive Space: The Music of kd lang.” 474-480, 482-483 (skip “Fantasy and imagination,” and then read “Conclusion”).


Assignments:  In regard to Brennan’s article, what is the relation between social/class distinction, music, and space (incorporate Bourdieu’s theory)? How did these notions change in the last century? Provide ethnographic examples that support Brennan’s main arguments. In regard to Valentine’s article, how is heterosexual space transformed into queer space through music (provide 2-3 ethnographic examples). Compare both articles: how is social space established in each case? One paragraph.