Week 3 (3.3.): Music venues 1. Typologies. Theories. Popular music, jazz, rock music venues.

Opened: Sunday, 1 October 2017, 12:00 AM
Due: Tuesday, 3 March 2020, 3:30 PM

Readings: Thornton, Sarah, 1996. Youth and their Social Spaces.” and “’Real’ Events and Altered Spaces.” In Club cultures:  music, media, and subcultural capital, 15-25, 51-57. Stockfelt, Ola, [1997] 2004. “Adequate Modes of Listening,” 88–93. In Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music. Warner, Daniel, and Chrostoph Cox, eds. Continuum.

Assignments: (1) List the types of music venues and youth spaces mentioned in Thornton’s article (bullet style)—indicate also how important are they in the hierarchy of youth spaces. Then discuss and write about the contradictions related to youth social spaces: the notion of ‘winning’ of space, social egalitarianism in clubs vs segregating factor, individual/subcultural agency vs corporate/state power, etc, as addressed in the article. Note also, how material conditions (laws, infrastructure, geography, economy) shape youth spaces (by comparing US and GB youth space). Write also what is the main argument in Stockfelt’s article, and provide two examples from it that support the argument. (2) In addition, make your own classification system (typology) of music venues (you can make your typology specific to own experiences, or you can create more universal one that also includes venues that you don’t necessarily attend). Be prepared to present in class.