Topic outline

  • General

    Lecture syllabus is at

    Detailed description of each lecture and repository of tutorial codes is accessible at

  • Topic 1

    # Laplace equation on unit square problem.
      - simple domain/mesh generation
      - define linear and bilinear form
      - see the solution and plot the error
  • Topic 2

    # Time-dependent convection diffusion problem.
      - time-loop and storage of timedependent data
      - different ways how to mark boundary parts for boundary conditons
      - Expression definition by subclassing versus compiled expression
  • Topic 3

    # Time-dependent convection diffusion with small diffusion coefficient
      - various initial data by UserExpression class
      - SUPG and interior penalty stabilization for Galerkin finite elements
  • Topic 4

    # Navier-Stokes equation -- flow around cylinder benchmark
    - set up more complicated domain and generate mesh
    - using mixed finite element spaces for coupled systems
    - solving nonlinear problems using `NonlinearVariationalProblem` and `NonlinearVariationalSolver` classes
    - reproduce the [flow around cylinder benchmark](