Topic outline

  • News

    The course starts on 1st October 2019.

  • Outline of the Course

    This is a one-semester course, 1x2 lessons per week.
    The objective of the course is to offer especially Erasmus students (but also Czech students) an insight into Czech literature, language, culture and mentality through key Czech literary and film works of the 20th and 21st century. The second practical part of the course deals with analyzing Czech cultural norms and specifics, etiquette and mentailty in order to avoid prejudice and intercultural misunderstanding.
    Required knowledge of English - B2 minimally.

    Based on studied texts, videos and audios students analyze, critically evaluate and discuss the given topics. The course covers basic terminology of literary science, linguistics and humanities. The course increases students´ language competence in all 4 areas - reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students are also encouraged to increase their presentation skills.

    The language of the course is English.

  • Topic 1

    Introduction to the Course - Objectives, Principles, Key Terms and Concepts

  • Topic 2

    Czech Literature and Czech Exile Literature I

  • Topic 3

    Czech Literature II

  • Topic 4

    Czech Cinematography, Famous Czech Film Makers I

    • Topic 5

      Czech Cultural Norms and Specifics

      • Topic 6

        Analyzing Literary Texts

        • Topic 7

          World Famous Czech Films II

          • Topic 8

            Czech Language - Typology

            • Topic 9

              Czech Mentality

              • Topic 10

                Czech History and Politics

                • Topic 11

                  Czech History and Politics II

                  • Topic 13

                    Final Presentations and Evaluation of the Course