Weekly outline

  • General

    • Dear students,
      yesterday the management of our faculty decided not to allow our classes (a walk through the city) on saturday and that we should wait for the end of november.
      For these reasons, I will be forced to create coherent text and open a Moolde environment for you to assign tasks to. There is no coherent professional text in English on this subject, because the purpose of the course was interaction in megaspace.
      Developing teaching skills with a focus on math in mega-space is unrealistic in the context of online teaching, so I need to find tools to lead you to individual knowledge of mega-space with regard to the age group you will be teaching.
      One of the key tasks is to take photographs of the city; at the beginning, focus on the decors - paving the sidewalks and think about how you could use this variety in the child / student development.

  • tasks 18/10 - 25/10

    Last week you had to read a guide to Prague, study the map of pragus, walt through the centre, looking for a realtion betqween the city and mathematics.

    This week:  sidewalk observation (in Prague the pavement simulated carpets). You should find more than 10 different decors in Prague, examine them at different angles and get photo documentation. We will share your experience and photo documentation.

  • tasks: 26/10 - 31/10

    a) Prague bridges, compare their age and length (estimation);
    b) the domes of the church spiers and estimate the radii of the three largest.
    Always make estimates from three places, write the final opinion (estimate) and paste it into Moodle.
    • put in the forum experinece with fulfilling tasks and ideas on how to use that part of city (street, house whoe/detail, technical monument, park, art object, in teaching in kindergarten or primary school in relation to school mathematics or in preparing for it.
  • tasks: 1/11 - 17/11

    if you are walking through a park (Petřín, Landronka, Královská obora, Kampa etc.), watch the nature, 
    the division of the park and consider how to use it in mathematics.
    • I recommend you walk the route marked in the map (see appendix).
    • Probably, you have  used the nice weather. The parks have scoji architecture. Are you able to create a plan of a garden, a park (system of paths, location of works of art) without using a map (it is based on your walk)? These structures differ from each other according to the time when they were formed. Are you able to decide whether to go through the park / garden zak to go through each trip just once? (not more than once, they didn't miss any) Compare your experiences, discuss them.

  • 17/11 - 23/11

  • 27/11 meeting

    On Friday 27.11. at 2 pm we leave the faculty in M. Rettigové
    for a short walk through the city - about 80 minutes; focus: child 5-8 years - math - city;
    it is compulsory for students studying preschool pedagogy, teaching for kindergartens (moore details: see e-mail).


  • 25 November - 1 December

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