Intercultural competence is a new course offered at the Language Centre of the Faculty of Arts in order to provide more opportunities for students to practice English as a means of communication in exploring topics related to culture.

Amount of units: 1 x 2 lessons per week (1 semester)

Objective: The Intercultural Competence course focuses on the development of effective skills for communication in the globalized world. It strengthens students' competences necessary for studies, internships or working abroad. The course is taught in the English language and thus requires the B2+ level in students. The course is suitable for regular as well as foreign (Erasmus) and doctoral students. 

Program: Through a selection of texts, activities and audiovisual materials the following topics will be introduced: culture and its elements, cultural specifics in communication and behaviour, and bias related to race or ethnicity. Communicative competences for intercultural environment will be trained in a number of practical tasks and problem solving exercises. Each lesson will be based on reading, questions, discussion and additional exercises. Language structures and vocabulary related to the content of individual lessons will be included.